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ABC Volunteer Engage Group

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GREAT OUTDOORS MONTH is around the corner!

EXPLORE AUSTIN has various opportunities for learning about and participating in the change!

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Congratulations to the San Antonio team for doing an amazing job at the SA Food Bank! They made almost 1,500 breakfast sandwiches to be handed out and assembled over 5,000 meals for children in the San Antonio area! Talk about Anteaters Doing Good!

A great shout out to the Pest Team in Corpus Christi for coming together to help out a customer in need . One of our Res-Pest tech (Jesse Gonzales) was out servicing an elderly couples home and noticed how extremely hot it was on the interior of the home and realized that there was no working A/C only a single box fan. Jesse described the extreme heat was hotter on the inside of the home than the outside and we know how hot it's been across the state. So Jesse with his kind heart reached out to his fellow co-workers in our group text to see how we can help out. One tech (Tony Dunnahoo) said hey if everyone can put in $10.00 maybe we can be able to get them a small A/C window unit. Well everyone start texting back that they were all in and the next day…


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